Aave and Chainlink are now available

Aave and Chainlink are now available

We have added Aave and Chainlink to our service. Trading on Aave and Chainlink is possible in our service immediately.


We have recently received a lot of requests from our customers to add new cryptocurrencies to our service. Based on customer feedback, the most coveted new cryptocurrencies have been Aave and Chainlink, so we have decided to add them. Now you can buy and sell them against any other currency we offer.

Aave is one of the most popular DeFi services in the world. If you are not already familiar with DeFi, you can read more about it here. Aave is currently the world’s most popular decentralized peer-to-peer loan service, where users can either earn interest by depositing funds into the service or borrow funds deposited by other users.

Chainlink, on the other hand, is a distributed application built on top of Ethereum. Chainlink is designed to produce the highest quality data for smart contracts. As its name implies, Chainlink acts as a link between smart contracts and data from outside the blockchain. All of the most popular DeFi services on the market, including Aave, utilize Chainlink’s solution in their operations.

If you want to learn more about the currencies we have added, you can find Aave and Chainlink’s introduction texts in our About section.

We will continue to listen to our customers and add new cryptocurrencies based on our customers’ wishes also in the future.

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Last updated: 10.03.2022 21:18
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