Northcrypto launches with the support of the EU

Northcrypto launches with the support of the EU

The investing platform to blockchain technology has been published.


Northcrypto has released its first service, a brokerage service for cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technology based tokens at northcrypto.com. The iOS and Android applications for the are being developed, and we aim to publish them in the first half of 2019. We currently offer Bitcoin and Litecoin on our platform but we aim to expand the selection actively. When adding new currencies we make our own estimates of the benefits of a currency or a token and also investigate the legislative regulations. We cannot offer currencies considered as securities for now.

Our goal is to bring blockchain technology available to everyone first in Finland and later elsewhere in Europe. As a first step we aim to make investing to blockchain technology possible for everyone. According to our estimates, Europe and especially the Scandinavian countries are lagging behind in adopting blockchain technology compared to for example Asia or North America. Therefore the purpose of our brokerage service is that everyone would have an equal chance to invest in this new technology regardless of IT skills or knowledge.

The development aid from the European Regional Development Fund has made the development of the platform possible. The aid was granted to improve our competitiveness and to progress internationalization. Our goal is to expand our operations outside of Finland in the near future. One of the objectives of the European Regional Development Fund is also to promote equality. That is an important value for us in Northcrypto which is why we want to bring blockchain technology sector to mainstream for everyone regardless their sex or background. Blockchain technology itself is also completely equal and straightforward. There are no central parties but the action is based on decentralized open source code and public ledger, the blockchain, which anyone can read.

In general, the European Regional Development Fund supports for example promoting entrepreneurship (new and growth-oriented companies and business groups), promoting innovation and networking, strengthening of knowledge structures, the development of the research and education system, and enhancing the region accessibility and operating environment. By the Fund the community's economic and social cohesion is strengthened supporting the development of the regional economy and structural renewal. For more information and current news you can read more at https://www.rakennerahastot.fi/web/en.

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Last updated: 14.03.2022 09:37
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