Northcrypto expands its ownership base and strengthens its board

Northcrypto expands its ownership base and strengthens its board

Northcrypto, a fast-growing cryptocurrency marketplace, expanded its ownership base and strengthens its board with two new members when the company appointed Jouni Hintikka and Aleksi Uusitalo to its board — Jouni Hintikka will also serve as chairman of the board.

Northcrypto strengthens its board with two new members

Jouni Hintikka is a long-term financial professional who will support the company's growth with his experience in growth companies, board work, and strong expertise in the traditional banking sector. Hintikka is one of the founders of Fellow Bank, which is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki stock exchange, and he served as the company's CEO from its founding until July 2020.

"The traditional global financial system has been joined by a rapidly evolving digital and decentralized monetary system, in which I believe Northcrypto has a great opportunity to shine as a regulated operator. The company has convinced me with its technological know-how and scalable services, so now is the time to take advantage of the expansion opportunities and accelerate growth. International asset managers and banks have also begun to diversify funds into cryptos, interest rate possibilities offered by cryptos, and at the same time partnering with crypto operators. I believe that this will also happen in the Nordic countries. It's great to be part of Northcrypto's team." sums up Hintikka.

The company's owners and board will also be joined by Aleksi Uusitalo, the CEO and owner of Run Group Oy, who is influential on the board of the gaming company Superplus Games. Uusitalo is an experienced venture capitalist and a board professional with extensive experience in various companies. In the future, the board of NorthCrypto Oy will consist of the company's founder Ville Runola, Miikka Laukkanen, Tyko Karjalainen, Esa Runola, Aleksi Uusitalo and Jouni Hintikka.

"Our family company's operations have always been driven by curiosity and open-mindedness towards new technologies, and I am very excited to join the industry's vanguards. Northcrypto's talented team and extensive software expertise, together with a deep knowledge of blockchain technology, build a great foundation for the coming years." says Uusitalo.

Northcrypto aims to become the most prestigious cryptocurrency company in the Nordic countries

The Turku-based company has gained a solid foothold among cryptocurrency investors in Finland, and next the company's eyes are already on the other Nordic countries.

"We see that the easy-to-use and localized cryptocurrency service is also in demand elsewhere in the Nordic countries. Our mission is to make investing in cryptocurrencies accessible and to bring this form of investing more strongly to ordinary investors and with this recipe, we intend to continue to be the leading and most prestigious player in the Nordic countries." Northcrypto CEO Ville Runola says.

Northcrypto in brief

Founded in 2018, Northcrypto is a virtual currency marketplace supervised by the Financial Supervisory Authority, which aims to make investing in cryptocurrencies easy and secure for everyone. The company is located in Turku and currently employs 11 people.

Northcrypto serves 20,000 investors and savers from 19 different countries.

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Last updated: 09.02.2023 11:04
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