An overview of recent events

An overview of recent events

Northcrypto's service to register under financial supervision authority, new cryptocurrency coming.


Summer has been a busy time for Northcrypto because of the preparations for registration to Finnish financial supervision authority, under the obligation of new legislation. The process will be completed in the fall. Also, other good news in the near future can be expected, as we will be adding a new cryptocurrency in the coming weeks. Of course, the new currency can be exchanged with all the other currencies we offer. More about this in August.

June and July have been very successful months also in terms of results. Our number of users has doubled again since June, of which we want to thank you, dear customers.

We have gotten a lot of questions and feedback again. As one of the improvements, we will release the revised Frequently Asked Questions section in August, further improving our electronic guidance. We are also currently developing a few other functions that we are really excited about. We will provide more information about these reforms closer to their release.

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Last updated: 11.03.2022 15:24
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